Brooches are decorative jewelry items designed to be worn on the clothes and usually made of metal, silver or gold and sometimes bronze or some other material. Brooches are often processed with enamel or precious stones. 


Traditional needles are fastened onto clothing with a steel needle attached to the fabric.  Some are like a safety pin where the pin bends forward twice through the material and locks in the front. Others have a backing that sticks to hold the pin. If the fabric is made of loose material, the needle may not harm at all. If its a tightly woven material such as a tie of a male the pin can leave a visible hole. Repeated use may leave several holes.


 When magnets are used in brooches, they can hold a decorative pin in place and performs the holding function with magnetic force. Clothing thickness is also important. Unlike a traditional needle, the thickness of the clothing or material between the magnets is also important. The clamping force between the magnets depends on how far they are from each other. In other words, magnets which can work perfectly on a thin cotton shirt may not hold on to a thick sweater. For thicker materials, you should use larger magnets to achieve the desired strength. 


Our magnets are made from hard but also sensitive material. They can be fragile, especially in thin shapes. They can be cracked or broken if they are allowed to strike together. They should be used carefully. 


In addition to using our magnetic brooches for scarves, shawls and scarves, you can also use them as a complementary accessory for your clothes, jackets, blouses, vests, shirts and even for hair bands and bags for your everyday outfits


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