In the history, the kings and priests used jewelery as a means of expressing their powers. In ancient Egypt, the kings are said to use particularly charming brooches. For this reason, brooches are believed to carry a magical power. The real discovery of the power of the jewelry was first carried out by the Uygur Turks and later by the Seljuks. The Ottoman civilization has fascinated itself throughout history by symbolizing the splendor and power of jewelery.


Jewelry and brooches, symbols of social status, have not lost their influence even when modernization began in the 19th century in the Ottoman Empire. In fact, it was accepted as a hallmark of nobility. The brooches, which are the most precious jewels remaining to day are no longer status symbol.


In the modern world, it is preferred because it is the most obvious way of self-expression. Because the brooch can be used at the most prominent points of clothes or accessories. For the same reason, it is hardly possible to depict a Sultan without a brochure in the Ottoman Empire. Try to use a brooch if you want to express yourself or your century.


We may not believe they are charmable, but we can create our own miracles. Because style is really about where you want to be. With our love…